Where We Are

Lately, I have gotten a lot of questions about where we are in the adoption process, so here is a quick summary.

So far, we have –

  • Applied and been accepted to our adoption agency, CCAI.
  • Been fingerprinted for the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the FBI.
  • Sent in background check info for the state of Colorado.
  • Currently completing home study paperwork to begin the home study process.
Fingerprint cards

Fingerprint cards

Background check paperwork

Background check paperwork

What we have coming up –

  • Send in all of our home study paperwork to our agency so we can schedule our home study visits with a social worker.
  • Pay our first large fee to our agency.  The total fee is $4800, but we took the option to split the payment up over a few months.  The first half is due as soon as we can get it in.
  • Getting our Dossier together!  The Dossier is the huge packet of documents that will be sent to the Bulgarian government so we can be matched with our child.  As we begin the home study process, we will start compiling of our Dossier paperwork.  This is a pretty involved process and will take several months to complete.

How you can help –

  • Please pray for us!  The process can be a bit overwhelming (especially the first hurdle of the home study), so we appreciate your prayers so much.  At this point, we don’t know much about the child we are adopting, other than the country, general age, and that he/she will have Down syndrome.  Please be praying for our child, that he/she is safe and being cared for until we can bring him/her home!
  • If you feel led, we’d love for you to participate in one of our fundraisers!  Right now, we are doing a coffee fundraiser through Just Love Coffee. We earn about $5 for every bag sold, so we appreciate your support!  Diana’s etsy shop is also open, and proceeds go into our adoption fund!

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